This proves the Houston Texans need upgrades at the offensive line

The Houston Texans desperately need to upgrade the offensive line

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Can we all finally admit that the Houston Texans offensive line needs help? The team really only has one solidified starter in Laremy Tunsil, who is in the eyes of some an elite left tackle but to others is just shy of elite status. Regardless, he's a perennial Pro Bowler who is cemented in at left tackle. The rest of the line? All upgradeable.

Shaq Mason seems set to return, only due to his contract being too large to swallow at the moment, but everyone else should be benched or allowed to leave. George Fant is a free agent, and the team would be wise to move on from him. He's 31 and isn't going to get better at this point in his career.

Michael Deiter, the team's starting center, really shouldn't be. He's never been overly good in his career, and this season saw why he was never considered a real starter anywhere he went before this season. Lastly, we have Juice Scruggs, who didn't play well at all. He's still young, and he dealt with injuries for a good chunk of the season; which likely didn't help his development. He'll be back, but the team should be ready to start the season with him as a backup until he can truly earn his starting spot.

There are some interesting, low-cost free agent options we think could be good for the Texans to try out, plus the team has a few early draft picks that could certainly help them restock the position. It's not a flashy position, but it's arguably the most important one on the offense, as a bad offensive line holds back the most dynamic offenses.

While a good offensive line can make a bad offense look better. Reworking the O-line is so important this offseason and we're still not sure why people don't see that. Hopeful that the PFF tweet helps the cause.