What are the Houston Texans biggest position of need and why is it the offensive line?

The Houston Texans need desperate help on the offensive line.
Houston Texans v Carolina Panthers
Houston Texans v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

The Houston Texans offensive line was not good this season. CJ. Stroud was able to evade a lot of pressure but that doesn't mean it didn't exist. Not only that but Devin Singletary helped cover up a lot of holes that the line had opening up opportunities for him to run through. The team itself was able to outplay the issues the offensive line brought but that doesn't mean the offensive was good, not by any means.

Yet, Bleacher Report posted an article highlighting the biggest positions of need heading into the 2024 offseason for every NFL team. For the Texans, they named defensive ends, defensive tackles, and cornerbacks. Technically they named "EDGE rushers" but they're not a heavy blitzing team and utilize a rotation of defensive ends, so we're simply a needlessly silly term.

And even with the term "EDGE rushers" out of the equation, they're still wrong; the biggest position of upgrade is the offensive line. We've over-glamorized the sack stat to an unhealthy degree, that people don't even realize that other facets of the game matter as much if not more than that stat.

Like not letting your quarterback get sacked. Seems like a more important need for any team. And the Texans need more help in that area than most. Not necessarily due to the sacks given up, but due to how many could've given up. The Texans' guards were atrocious all season long, with Tytus Howard being one of the worst players in the league at his position and Juice Scruggs being a terrible replacement for him.

And while guys like George Fant were good against the pass rush, they were terrible trying to open up holes to run the ball. Running the ball still matters in the NFL, and guys like Fant struggled to get blocks all season long.

The offensive line is the biggest position of need on the Texans line because anyone who knows anything about football will tell you, that a bad offensive line is the quickest way to kill an offense, and a good offensive line is the ultimate way to hide weaknesses.

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