There should be immense pressure on Stefon Diggs this season

Of all the players who deserve to have pressure on him, Stefon Diggs is the most obvious pick.
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Of all the players on the Houston Texans, a few of them should be feeling the heat this summer. The team is set to be one of the better squads in the AFC. Many are predicting a second AFC South title in a row, while others are predicting a deep playoff push. Yet, guys like Tytus Howard and Juice Scruggs are just two players who have a lot of pressure on their shoulders this year.

Howard regressed in 2023, shortly after signing a major contract. Scruggs, on the other hand, had a rough rookie season. It was marred by not only injuries but poor performances. The good news is that both men dealt with injuries in 2023, so the hope is that they're now both healthy. Meaning they'll be able to bounce back in 2024.

One player on the Houston Texans roster currently who isn't being given such a pass is Stefon Diggs. The former All-Pro wide receiver from the Buffalo Bills came to the Houston Texans for a second-round pick. A smart deal at the time, as Diggs had four years on his deal. Yet, due to infighting with the Bills (and his first team, the Minnesota Vikings) and declining play, the Texans voided the final three years of his deal, making him a free agent.

They may have overpaid for Diggs, but the message after his arrival was clear; you have so much to prove. It's part of the reason why CBS Sports named him one of the 12 non-quarterbacks with the most to prove this season. After all, he had one of his least productive years in 2023 with Josh Allen as his quarterback.

Despite being targeted six more times in 2023 than he was in 2022, he had nearly 300 receiving yards fewer. A drop-off, but why? A decline in ability? Perhaps a system that no longer needed him? It's unclear, but his performance dipped mightly. At 31 years old, a decline in athleticism can't be ruled out. He's around the age where skill position players begin to regress.

That issue alone isn't why he needs to feel the pressure, either. He has a habit of running afoul of people he plays with and for. Diggs was given up for next to nothing, all because the Bills were tired of his behind-the-scenes antics and constant needling of Allen. Allen is one of the most elite quarterbacks in the league, yet Diggs often seemed to dismiss his All-Pro teammate.

It's clear Diggs wasn't happy in Minnesota or Buffalo. Will he be in Houston? It's hard to say, patterns often repeat themselves. There's no reason to believe that Diggs is going to be any different in Houston with C.J. Stroud as he was in Buffalo with Allen or Minnesota with Kirk Cousins.

Diggs has a lot to prove this season, and we're not exactly sure this will have a happy ending.