There is a good chance the Houston Texans can overhaul their offensive line early in the NFL Draft

The Houston Texans needs to focus on their offensive line and there's a good chance some of the best names fall to the second-round.
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Stop me if you heard this before, but the Houston Texans need to overhaul their offensive line. It's the one position group they haven't really attempted to improve during free agency and that's left me hoping that the team has their eyes on various offensive linemen early in the NFL Draft. The Texans don't have a first-round pick but do have two second-round picks, and they could remake their entire line with both picks.

The question is, do the right players fall to the second round for the Texans to take? The Texans have the 42nd and 59th picks in the second round, which translates to the 12th and 27th of the round. According to Marcus Mosher on Twitter/X, that gives the Texans a chance to land some of the most vaunted prospects.

The "expert consensus board" has 10 linemen going in the first round, with Jordan Morgan being the first player expected to go in the second round. The thing about mock drafts, however, is that you're never going to get one that everyone agrees on, because they're rarely, if ever right.

Different NFL GMs have different values and needs when it comes to drafting. When you think they need an offensive guard, they take a cornerback, and vice versa. So there's a good chance that fewer than 10 offensive linemen go in the first round. There's also a chance that more than 10 go, or a chance that a different set of 10 go.

There's a good chance that anyone from JC Latham to Christian Haynes falls to the Texans across their two picks, and if that happens, the Texans could really fortify their offense. The team did make some moves to improve things, getting Joe Mixon and Stefon Diggs, but if C.J. Stroud doesn't have time to throw to Diggs, or Mixon can't find the holes to run through, then what's the point of having these weapons?

Defense is a priority, but you can go on a run of defensive players starting in the third if you want. If key lineman prospects fall to you in the second, you take them. After all, success on offense starts with the offensive line.