3 NFL Draft prospects the Houston Texans need to stay away from

They may already have prospects that they don't like, and the fanbase may not agree with it either.

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Keon Coleman, WR, FSU

You'll hear plenty about his contested catch ability, but that's because he can't separate from the DB and get open. Coleman saw 50 receptions last season for 11 TDs and a 13.2 yards per catch average. He has the ability to succeed in the red zone, but he likely won't win many routes deep in his own area of the field.

The Texans have enough tall big-frame receivers where they can pass on Coleman for somebody who can stretch the field and make big plays. His potential will make a team fall in love with him, and potentially take him a little earlier than he should go, but it shouldn't be Houston. The amount of talent allows the Texans to be patient at WR and find a guy that they love with their early second-round pick.

Houston's success finding receivers after round one won't go unnoticed, and their scouting report on Coleman likely shows a receiver with elite potential who can't separate and have success on deep routes. For Houston, Nico Collins fits that mold. Collins is 6'4 and quickly became a favorite of Stroud early in the season by consistently winning on deep routes.

Coleman has a chance at becoming a good receiver. But he needs too much work to perfect his game that the risk is enough for Houston to stay away.