The Houston Texans trading for Brandon Aiyuk is far fetched

There's no real way for the Houston Texans to trade for Brandon Aiyuk without damaging the team's future.

Houston Texans v San Francisco 49ers
Houston Texans v San Francisco 49ers / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

For some reason, fans are really excited about pairing top wide receiver talent with C.J. Stroud. Listen, we get it, Stroud is fantastic, and the talent that fans are pushing for is dynamic, but it's not like the Houston Texans lack top-end talent. Nico Collins and Tank Dell were as good as any duo the league had when they were both healthy. So the idea that the Texans need a top-flight receiver to maximize Stroud's talents is just not accurate.

Still, people push the idea, and while we've heard guys like Stefon Diggs and Mike Evans, a new name has entered the conversation; Brandon Aiyuk. There's no formal news that the Texans have Aiyuk, the wideout for the San Francisco 49ers, on their board for the offseason. he could end up being a name that the Texans want, but there isn't a real sign that they're interested.

In fact, there isn't a sign that the 49ers are going to trade Aiyuk. They might, we never know what happens until it happens in this league but there are smart people in the 49ers' office and it seems unlikely that they'd just trade Aiyuk, even if they have salary cap issues to worry about.

Considering how valuable he is to what the 49ers do, landing him isn't likely and if he does end up being in play, he won't come cheap or easy. There will be a lot of teams who want a receiver of his caliber, and the asking price will end up being sky-high. The Texans would be better off seeing if his stable-mate, Deebo Samuel, ends up hitting the market first. He wouldn't be as expensive and is far more versatile, allowing the Texans to still get him touches without having to take passes away from Collins and Dell.