The Houston Texans tight end position has an influx of talent going into training camp

Now they have an influx of players and only one ball to go around.
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

The Houston Texans tight end position was arguably a top-five position in the league last year. So generally, what do they do? They kept adding to the position this off-season with one of the draft's most intriguing tight ends in Cade Stover. Now they have an influx of players and only one ball to go around. So who’s going to be the odd man out? Well, it may come down to who performs well at training camp. The two locks at the position are Dalton Schultz and Cade Stover, so it will come down to who wins the battle between Teagan Quitoriano and Brevin Jordan. 

Here’s what the tight-end room looks like at this present moment. They have five tight ends rostered and likely will keep three of them on the active roster. 

  • Dalton Schultz
  • Cade Stover
  • Teagan Quitoriano
  • Brevin Jordan
  • Dalton Keene

Both Quitoriano and Jordan bring a different skill set to the team. Quitoriano is a threat in run-blocking situations, while Jordan is a pass-catching tight end who can be effective when called upon. With Ben Skowronek and Cade Stover in town now, they may feel like Quitoroiano isn’t worth keeping on the team anymore as strictly a blocking tight end, as Skowronek and Stover provide that same skill.

Teagan Quitoriano

Quitoriano hasn’t shown the team that he can be an effective pass catcher, only totaling nine receptions over two seasons. He will need to show the team this summer that he brings a versatile skillset to the offense and can become a good pass-catching third tight end. They have an influx of players who are considered good/great blockers at their positions, and keeping Quitoriano around for that reason isn’t good roster management. 

Looking back at his college days at Oregon State he was never a dominant pass catcher, and through four seasons, totaled 40 receptions. He has been a good blocker since being drafted by the Texans, but the team went into this off-season and found multiple other players who are considered roster locks who can give the team more than just blocking. 

Brevin Jordan

Jordan may have an easier path to cracking the 53-man roster given he has pass-catching ability and has shown flashes of success when asked to start. While making 11 career starts since his rookie year, he has totaled 51 receptions and five touchdowns. Keeping Jordan on the roster as the third tight end is the way to go as things stand right now. 

Looking back at his game-by-game stats, Jordan saw his production increase from the Denver Broncos game through the end of the postseason. Jordan caught three receptions for 64 yards in the Denver game and had a 76-yard touchdown against the Cleveland Browns. He quickly became a favorite of CJ Stroud, and I don’t think that would change going into the 2024 season. 

My prediction: Brevin Jordan

Jordan has the upper hand in this battle, and all the dominoes have fallen into place for him to be on the opening-day roster come September. Coaches love him, and his production speaks for itself as a pass catcher.