The Houston Texans should not draft a wide receiver in the first-round of the NFL Draft

The Houston Texans have their receivers, they need offensive line help in the NFL Draft.
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

One of the first important mock drafts has been released by Pro Football Focus, and it covers the first five rounds of the team's 2024 draft. The writer, Trevor Sikkema boldly selects Adonai Mitchell, a wide receiver out of Texas, in the first round for the Houston Texans. Prompting us to wonder if Sikkema has watched a lot of Texans football this year.

The Texans have plenty of receivers who can make plays for the team, receiver is not a position of need. If we're being honest, the biggest issues of need are offensive line, defensive tackle, and linebacker.

Receiver just isn't a need. So it's mind-boggling to know what the Texans need and ignore some of its biggest needs until the fifth round. The Texans don't take a lineman in this mock until Round 5, where they select Cooper Beebe. While that may seem fine to some, keep in mind most NFL starters are taken between the first and third rounds; anything after that and you're not really expecting much.

If you want a lineman, be it guard, tackle, or center (take your pick, the Texans need all three), then you need to do it earlier in the draft, otherwise you're going to run into the same problems with the offensive line as the team is having in 2023.

With really only Laremy Tunsil warranting a job next year based on his 2023 play, the Texans' offensive line is wide open. And the Texans would be wise to go and get the best player at the offensive spot. They need someone who can pass block and keep C.J. Stroud upright, as well as someone who can run-block and open up holes for whoever is at running back next season.

The Texans cannot afford to go into the 2024 draft ignoring its biggest need, offensive line, in favor for following bad draft trends.

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