The Houston Texans shockingly low ranking for their offensive line isn't actually a shock

The Houston Texans offensive line isn't very good.
Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Arguably the two biggest concerns for the Houston Texans are the offensive and defensive lines. The front office did their best to improve the defensive side of the ball, adding Danielle Hunter and Denico Autry, but the interior is still suspect. The tackles are among the least proven in the league, raising concerns about their viability across the season.

Likewise, the offensive line has some major holes. Tytus Howard fell off in 2023, and Juice Scruggs was underwhelmed. Both battled injuries so there's always a possibility that both rebound in 2024, but it's not unfounded to say there are concerns. There are so many concerns that Pro Football Focus (PFF) recently published their ranking of every offensive line in the NFL and the Texans came in just 22nd.

They do point out that Laremy Tunsil and Shaq Mason are two fine pieces to any offensive line, but the rest of the squad has some serious doubts. It's part of the reason why the squad drafted Blake Fisher, the offensive tackle out of Notre Dame. There's a good chance he's pushing for playing time in year one of his career. If that's the case, it's because someone has struggled to keep their spot.

PFF goes on to say;

"22. Houston Texans

We never got to see the true potential of the Texans' offensive line in 2023 due to injuries. Houston boasts one of the best left tackles in the league in Laremy Tunsil, especially when it comes to pass protection, and Shaq Mason is still a reliable veteran at right guard. However, the other players on the line are either unproven or young players who so far have not proven to be long-term solutions at their positions."

The offensive line was the one position that needed the most work this offseason and didn't get it. Yes, Fisher is an intriguing prospect, but if Scruggs stumbles at center (or back at guard), and Howard can't find his pre-2023 form again, this is going to be a problematic line this season.

We don't even know who the fifth guy is going to be. Right now it looks like Kendrick Green, but depending on fit and movement, we could also see Kenyon Green and Charlie Heck push for time. Especially if Howard moves from right tackle back to guard. If that ends up happening, all bets are off. That's also not factoring in any future struggles from Howard. The Texans can't afford to play him, let alone keep him under contract if he's going to repeat his 2023 performance this season.