The Houston Texans release their schedule with an unsettling and weird ASMR video

So many ways to go and an ASMR video is what the Houston Texans go with.
Indianapolis Colts running back Tyler Goodson (31) lies on the turf after missing a catch on fourth
Indianapolis Colts running back Tyler Goodson (31) lies on the turf after missing a catch on fourth / Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY

Maybe it's me, maybe I'm the weird one, but the Houston Texans' newest video is just odd. Dare I say even a little bit creepy. Let's start at the beginning. The Houston Texans like many of the NFL teams, posted a video highlighting the overrated tradition of releasing a team's schedule. Now, some of the teams really do a great job with there's, and others do more, well along the lines of the Houston Texans

The Texans debuted their schedule release with various videos of hydraulic presses smashing things, and they labeled the video "Our schedule release ASMR". For those unfamiliar, the term ASMR stands for "autonomous sensory meridian response" and over the years has become a style of video. It can be anything from people whispering into a mic, to doing their nails or even eating.

It's a genre that has its fandom but I'm not a part of it and to be frank, it unnerves me slightly. Beyond the annoyance, the concept is just unoriginal. There's an infinite number of ideas the Texans could've picked from and the winning idea was "Let's smash things and show pictures!"

It's weak.

And as you can see, that's quite literally all it is. It's just various recordings of a hydraulic press smashing things. It's pretty dang unoriginal. They could've had a Cheers reunion where every actor wore a different team shirt, shitting around the bar, only for their chairs to all break and Sam walking in smiling, wearing a Texans jersey.

You could've called Bo Burnham and had him do a song, where each verse is him dissing another team. You could've had a pro wrestling match where the Texans were the featured wrestler, beating up the other teams, sometimes twice when needed. You had so many ideas, but the Texans went with the cheapest and least imaginative option.

It should be noted, I appear to be in the minority if the Texans' Twitter/X responses are anything to go by. A lot of people enjoyed it. Who knows if the fandom at large did but the Twitter responses were sure positive.

That said, the part where the Dallas Cowboys jar was smashed, with "This is our year" was excellent. That alone has my approval.