The Houston Texans handling of Jonathan Greenard isn't what you want to hear

The Houston Texans didn't handle Jonathan Greenard all that well on his way out the door.

Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Jonathan Greenard wanted to remain in Houston, at least that's the rumor. Greenard had a breakout season playing next to then-rookie teammate Will Anderson Jr., and the potential of the duo had a lot of people excited about 2024. The only problem is that Greenard was a free agent and the team had not agreed upon a new deal to bring back the defensive end.

Then news broke that Greenard was off to the Minnesota Vikings, where he'll teammate up with former Texans teammate Blake Cashman. Was this the right move for the Texans, to let both men go? Who knows, but in an ironic move, the Texans tapped former Vikings defensive end Danielle Hunter as a replacement for Greenard. A move that, on paper, is an upgrade from Greenard.

While Greenard was good this season for the Texans, that hasn't always been the case and his inconsistency has been a problem for years. Hunter is a Pro Bowler, and will likely remain such with the Texans for at least a few years. The swap, of sorts, was mostly seen as a win by the Texans, but as it turns out, despite the desire for Greenard to remain in Houston, the Texans weren't as interested.

Greenard revealed that the Texans never really came to the table to negotiate with him, telling Aaron Wilson of KPRC (via Sports Illustrated) that the Texans were pretty quiet;

“To my knowledge, there wasn't an official offer from the Texans. There was minimal conversation and we've all moved on. No hard feelings.”

A bad look by the Texans, who look like a team that doesn't value communication. It's one thing for the team not to be interested in bringing back Greenard, but it's another thing to essentially ghost him. To be clear, the decision to upgrade to Hunter was the right one (in the moment at least), but the Texans need to do better with how they send off their past talent. The team essentially "ghosted" Greenard, and that's not what a billion dollar franchise should be doing to anyone, let alone a featured player.

That's some teenage, Tinder nonsense.

The professional thing would be to tell him and his agent that you're moving on from him, and hopefully, it's something they do heading into the future.