The Houston Texans do something not seen since 2019

The Houston Texans are apparently done re-building
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The Houston Texans knocked off the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, to the tune of 26-3. It was a major win for the franchise, as they are now 9-7 on the season and just one week away from going to the playoffs. Regardless of what happens around them, if the Texans win against the Indianapolis Colts, the team will be in the playoffs as the seventh and final wild-card team.

If they lose, they're out of the playoffs with no help to get them in. But, even if they lose, the Texans will be 9-8 on the season, or 10-7 if they win and in either instance, the Texans will have done the one thing that no one thought possible entering the year; have a roster with a winning record in 2023.

Rookie head coach DeMeco Ryans, who called the Texans gig a "dream job", has done the impossible and gotten the Texans to a winning season in year one. A winning season with a rebuilding roster and a rookie quarterback. Just look at the Carolina Panthers to see how hard it is to get a rookie quarterback to look as good as Texans' rookie C.J. Stroud has for the Texans.

It's not easy and while Ryans hasn't been perfect for the Texans, the young head coach deserves the praise for his success this season.

The Texans winning season in 2023 is a long-time coming, as they haven't had a winning record since 2019, when they went 10-6 on the season. So it's been a long time coming and something that fans should enjoy, regardless of what happens next. After all, winning with the Texans isn't a common thing.

After all, in 22 seasons in the NFL, the Texans have just nine winning seasons across their franchise's history. A win next Sunday would give them double-digit wins on the season, something that's just happened just four other times in franchise history.

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