The Houston Texans at least brought back some of their better free agents

The Houston Texans bring back two necessary players.
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

It's no surprise by now that many of us here haven't been overly enthused with the Houston Texans offseason so far. Some others may be, and that's ok. We're not all going to agree, but we have to be honest with our evaluation of the moves. The offseason has been rather underwhelming, considering how much hype and potential the team had this offseason. That's all out the window, however. The offseason went the way it went, and while some moves were great (Danielle Hunter), others were not (Jeff Okudah).

A lot of the players were average signings at best, maybe overpaid, some a downgrade at the position from 2023, but not bad players. Still, it could've gone better and it would've been far worse had the Texans not brought two players home. We're talking about cornerback Desmond King and wide receiver Noah Brown.

King was one of the better defensive backs last season for the Texans and one of the few players that were seen as a near-must-have for the Texans to bring back this off-season. The team did just that, agreeing to a new deal of $1.8 million for the veteran, that can top out at $2.2 million. On his own, King doesn't make the Texans' defense a top-shelf unit, but he can help. He'll likely be the team's third corner and will give the team experience and depth at the position.

For Brown, he was the team's third-best wide receiver last season. He came over from the Dallas Cowboys, following Dalton Schultz in the process, and became a standout target for quarterback C.J. Stroud. He didn't have the perfect season. He only played in 10 games and only had 55 targets, but he still amassed over 500 yards and became a true deep threat for the Texans, averaging 17.2 yards per reception, the best on the team. That's why he got a one-year deal, worth $5 million for the season.

Bringing them back was the right move and while we've been hard on the moves made and not made, we still want to point out the good of the offseason, as Brown and King are going to be very necessary pieces for this team going forward.