The free agency period has neither been good, bad or ugly for the Houston Texans

So far it looks like the Houston Texans free agent haul is not noteworthy enough to be good, bad or otherwise.

NFL Combine
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The Houston Texans offseason hasn't been great. It's not been awful (thank you Danielle Hunter) but anyone who thinks the team is dramatically better than last season is trying to sell you something. The Texans have holes still. They missed the mark on a lot of potential talent and overpaid for guys who don't dramatically make the team better. It's not been great, or ideal.

It's apparently not been bad, or even ugly, however. While the NFL Draft and maybe a few shocking moves down the line this summer could increase the perception of the offseason, it appears though that the team didn't make an impact in a good or bad way.

Frank Schwab of Yahoo! Sports broke down the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the NFL offseason and in all of his pontification, he never once mentioned the Texans. He saw the ugly of the Dallas Cowboys, the greatness of the Detroit Lions, and the bad of the Atlanta Falcons but the Texans were never mentioned once.

The Vikings, a team that signed former Texans Jonathan Greenard and Blake Cashman to overhaul their defense, got ugly for letting quarterback Kirk Cousins go and failing to replace him. The Texans, however? Nope. Not a peep.

Does that mean they had a good offseason? They missed out on Saqoun Barkley and Arik Armstead by being a bit too cheap for their own good, and couldn't incentivize the LA Chargers to deal Keen Allen to them. So, you can't say it was good when they missed so often.

Is it bad? No, they landed Hunter and fellow D-linemen Denico Autry to hopefully upgrade the defensive line. So they did actively improve an element of the team.

Is it ugly? Well, that Joe Mixon contract isn't sitting right but considering the Cleveland Browns just gave Jerry Jeudy over $40 million guaranteed, we can safely say there are worse options out there.