Houston Texans: Which running backs make the 53-man roster

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The Houston Texans rushing attack in 2023 will be what makes this offense go. Despite drafting a potential franchise quarterback in C.J. Stroud, the Texans will go as far as their running game will take them in 2023. So, who will lead this backfield? Which running backs will make the Texans' 53-man roster?

The Texans ranked 31st in total rush yards, rushing touchdowns, and average yards per run. Only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were worse in all three categories. Despite those struggles, the Texans will be a run-first team, which is ideal given they will start a rookie quarterback. A solid run game is a quarterback's best friend, whether he's a rookie or not.

Dameon Pierce managed a YPC of 4.3, well above the team average, and it will be exciting to see what he can do with what should be a much-improved offensive line in front of him. He'll be joined by former Buffalo Bills back Devin Singletary, who has averaged 4.7 yards per carry throughout his career.

These two will headline the Texans' run game, but what about the other six running backs on the roster, including two listed as fullbacks? Which one makes the team, and how many running backs will the Texans maintain on the 53-man roster?

Houston Texans' starting running backs

  • Dameon Pierce
  • Devin Singletary