Houston Texans: 4 players who could be cut after the draft

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Ross Blacklock, Jalen Reagor, Cordell Iguagwu, Garrett Wallow
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Garrett Wallow, Linebacker

The Texans linebacker room is not one to brag about, as it is arguably the weakest room on defense. We already discussed Kirksey being released, and a similar line of thought tracks for Garrett Wallow. 

Wallow was selected in the fifth round by the Texans in 2021 out of TCU. He was regarded as an undersized but athletic linebacker who had a knack for timing his blitzes and finding runners behind the line of scrimmage. The former high school safety was never able to add much weight to his 6'2, 230-pound frame, and has not grown much as a player for this Texans team. 

Wallow saw increased playing time last season on a special teams unit that ranked third in the NFL, so if he were to stay on the roster, that would be his calling card. The Texans already have a few other linebackers who fit the undersized-but-athletic role with Henry To'oto'o, Christian Harris, and Cory Littleton. The addition of To'oto'o leads me to believe the Texans and new head coach DeMeco Ryans may be ready to move on from the third-year linebacker.