Texans linked to star pass rusher by multiple sources

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Could the Houston Texans, who selected Will Anderson Jr. third overall in this year's NFL draft, look to add another defensive end this offseason? National editors and one of the editors of a Minnesota Vikings NFL site believes so.

We have already discussed a potential trade offer for disgruntled Vikings star pass rusher Danielle Hunter, but we are no longer the only ones pairing him up with the Houston Texans. Vikings Wire editor Tyler Forness considered six teams that could trade for Hunter. The last team listed in his piece was the Houston Texans, who he claimed is a 'wildcard.'

"The wild card here is the Texans. They are still working on a rebuild but accelerated it by trading up from 12 to three with the Arizona Cardinals to get Will Anderson Jr. Adding Hunter could give them a truly dynamic duo that would be a great fit for DeMeco Ryans defense. If they believe that they are farther along than what the league thinks, the move would make sense in setting themselves up for a 3-4 year window."

Tyler Forness, Vikings Wire

Similar to USA Today's Vikings Wire, Clutch Sport's Tim Crean and CBS Sports analyst Jordan Dajani listed the Texans as a potential landing spot as well, saying, "DeMeco Ryans is now calling the shots in Houston, and you can bet he believes a rebuild can be expedited by a formidable defense. The Texans drafted Will Anderson Jr. No. 3 overall, but inserting Hunter opposite of him could make for a pretty intriguing tandem." 

Pairing Anderson Jr. with any other star pass rusher would yield a stout defensive front and put terror into opposing offensive lines. Where there is smoke, there's fire. The Texans have plenty of cap space to extend Hunter in a sign and trade and could continue their roster rebuild with the acquisition of the disgruntled Viking. Would Nick Caserio and company be aggressive enough to pull the trigger on a trade? What would they have to give up to obtain Hunter's services? 

What do you think? How would you feel if the Texans traded and extended the Vikings' disgruntled star, Danielle Hunter? Let us know in the comments below or follow us on Twitter. You can find us @Texans_TT or @manfreonair

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