Texans 7-Round NFL Mock Draft: Houston commits risky, cardinal sin

Houston Texans, Jonathon Brooks
Houston Texans, Jonathon Brooks / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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This offseason, the Houston Texans have looked as though they're going to be even better than they were a season ago.

Who would have predicted the immediate rise of C.J. Stroud and first-year head coach DeMeco Ryans? This is a team on the rise, and the AFC has officially been put on notice.

After a strong offseason thus far, the Texans head into the 2024 NFL Draft without a first-round pick. But, thats okay. Will Anderson was well-worth the trade a year ago. Now, it's about continuing to build around this talented core on both sides.

What do the Texans do with their first selection coming at no. 42? In our latest mock, things get a little risky. Will it pay off?

The Texans get bold with their first selection as this 2024 NFL mock draft kicks off

2. 467. Jonathon Brooks. . . Jonathon Brooks. player. . RB. Jonathon Brooks

Houston went out and acquired former Bengals running back Joe Mixon this offseason, in order to replace the departed Devin Singletary and add some depth alongside Dameon Pierce. But, Mixon will be 28 by the time the 2024 season kicks off and he's got over 1,500 career carries.

Therefore, the Texans cannot pass up an opportunity to land arguably the most talented back in this draft class, who also won't have to travel far coming out of Texas.

The potential of adding the best running back in his class to an already-potent offense is too good to pass up. However, the Texans are doing something most teams shy away from these days -- using early capital on the running back position, especially when they went out and landed Mixon as well.

This position isn't a true necessity, but taking Jonathon Brooks is more so a luxury that's worth gambling on. Brooks stands six feet tall, weighing 216 pounds, so he has plenty of size. But, he's got the smooth running style you love to see. He can work through tight spaces well, but when he gets outside and in space, look out. He hits another gear.

The ability to catch passes is also there with Brooks, and he comes in not having too much tread gone from his tires. The cutting ability, vision and overall fluidity as a runner are what makes him so special. Brooks is going to be a heck of a player in this league, but will he be worth the early risk for Houston?