Tank Dell's return from injury is important to Houston Texans success in 2024

The Houston Texans are going to need Tank Dell back to form for next season.
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

C.J. Stroud really helped elevate those around him last season. Helping guys like Nico Collins, Noah Brown, and Dalton Schultz have massive years. One of the other big names that had a huge year was Tank Dell, but unlike Collins, Brown, and Schultz, Dell was a rookie. Not a guy who's been around for a few years. Dell's arrival came with the same unknown quantity that every other rookie has heading into the season.

Just like Stroud, just like Will Anderson, Dell's arrival was an unknown, but his impact was profound. Dell became one of the most impressive rookie wide receivers in the game, putting up impressive numbers that, at times, rivaled Puka Nacua. Then the injury happened.

Dell broke his fibula in a game near the end of the season, and now, nearly 10 and a half weeks after having his leg surgically repaired, it looks like Dell is on his way to a full recovery and is expected to be back on the field by the time spring practices roll around.

This is good news, as the Texans are going to need Dell back at full health in time for next season. The Texans were able to thrive last season and win 10 games in part due to how well the team was coached, as well as the team's passing game. While many people want to see someone like Mike Evans land in Houston, the fact is the Texans don't need another wide receiver. Not if Brown returns to the team and Dell is healthy.

The problem is that if Dell isn't healthy, then the team will end up with another major position that they need to fill in time for next season. Dell's health is a huge reason why the Texans don't need to invest any capital in a receiver this offseason if they don't want to, but that changes if the injury isn't fully healed. And considering all the other positions that they have to worry about this offseason, they can't really afford another massive hole to fill.

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