Stefon Diggs may not be the savior for the Houston Texans as many claim he is

Stefon Diggs knows how to lose friends and alienate people.
Oct 3, 2021; Orchard Park, New York, USA; Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs (14) catches the
Oct 3, 2021; Orchard Park, New York, USA; Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs (14) catches the / Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Stefon Diggs can be a tremendous player, we saw that in Buffalo. The Buffalo Bills paired him with Josh Allen and both players prospered. Diggs finally became a Pro Bowler and Allen matured into an MVP candidate year in and year out. The friction though was always there. Though to be fair, it was in Minnesota too, when Diggs played for the Vikings. You don't just move on from a young receiver as talented as Diggs without reason.

And the Vikings felt they had a reason. He skipped practices and clashed with coaches and many felt he didn't like that Adam Thielen was getting more attention in games, so he allegedly wanted out. The trade came and off he went to Buffalo, where more of the same happened. He clashed with quarterback Josh Allen, with the two chirping at one another in the locker room and in Diggs' case, elsewhere. There were unnecessary comments on Twitter/X, and of course, just being a constant headache for those who dealt with him from day to day.

To say Diggs has a healthy ego is an understatement. He's caused some havoc everywhere he's gone and now, people are already worried about his involvement with the Texans. From the team waiving three years from a contract Diggs already signed, to his less-than-enthusiastic reaction to arriving in Houston, there are already growing concerns. Plus, now we're all wondering how he'll react when Nico Collins or Tank Dell gets more play than him in the passing game (should that happen).

You don't move on from a guy like Diggs, who was under contract for four seasons, and only take back a second-round pick in return (while giving away two late picks of your own) unless you really wanted to get rid of him. The Bills clearly did.

Diggs comes with a lot of controversies and while a lot of people would like to dismiss that as a past problem, we're not. We need Diggs to prove that he can be level-headed for the season before we're completely sold on this move.