Should the Houston Texans go after the top-rated free agent wide receiver?

The Houston Texans' loss of Tank Dell may have the team looking for answers.
Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans / Tim Warner/GettyImages

The Houston Texans have lost rookie wide receiver Tank Dell for the year thanks to a fractured fibula. The loss will certainly impact the Texans' offense going forward, as not only was Dell arguably the best player that fellow rookie C.J. Stroud had to throw to, but he was also a dynamic playmaker who gave the Texans a vertical threat, who could break a defense in one play.

Due to the lack of a reliable running game, more due to head coach DeMeco Ryans inability to bench Dameon Pierce, the need for someone like Dell was far more important than usual. The Texans running game is terrible with Pierce at the helm and unless Ryans wakes up and starts Devin Singletary, and gives him a bulk of the rushes, then the offense is going to be one dimensional. This means Stroud will throw a lot, and defenses can better key on that.

Without Dell, Stroud's assortment of passing weapons is nerfed considerably. They're not dead in the water, Noah Brown, Nico Collins, and Dalton Schultz are all still on the team, as is Robert Woods, who is pretty much done as an NFL starter at this point in his career. And while the team still has a trio of good weapons, more doesn't hurt.

So the Texans know they need to replace Dell but are the top-rated free agent wide receiver an option? Considering that man (according to is Jarvis Landry, no, he's not an option. Landry, like Woods, is done as an NFL receiver. Landry was never fast as a wide receiver, but a hip injury with the Cleveland Browns ended up curtailing his career and essentially ending it early.

There's a reason that Landry, at only 31 years old, is out of the league currently. His last stop in New Orleans saw him put up 272 yards and one touchdown in nine games. The Texans would be better off looking at the waiver wire to see if someone becomes available, as the free agent WR market is slim pickings in actual talent.

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