Ranking the 5 best rookies from the Houston Texans 2023 draft class

The Houston Texans have had a nice run of draft picks in recent years but how does the 2023 class stack against itself?
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#1 QB C.J. Stroud

Of course, the top guy is C.J. Stroud. How could it not be? Stroud was a dynamo in his rookie season, carving up defenses, protecting the ball, and making sure the team was better every week as the season continued.

He not only led the Texans to a winning record in his first year with the club, but he also got the team to the playoffs, an AFC South championship, and a playoff win. He proved he was someone to take seriously, it's why he won the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award.

He was stellar all year long, with stats that backed up his Rookie of the Year win. He completed nearly 64% of his passes and had 23 touchdowns to just five interceptions while breaking the 4,000-yard mark with 4,108 yards on the season.

His PFF scores reflected his dominance, with a staggering 82.8 overall grade. He proved he was worth the number two overall pick, excelling at all aspects of the position and getting better as the season continued on.

Stroud's impact on the team will not end after just one season. He's expected to continue to grow and progress and due to those growing expectations, many believe a Super Bowl win is in his immediate future.