Ranking the 5 best rookies from the Houston Texans 2023 draft class

The Houston Texans have had a nice run of draft picks in recent years but how does the 2023 class stack against itself?
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#2 DE Will Anderson

This isn't a PFF ranking's list, if it was Will Anderson would be number three on this list. Yet, if you saw him play, you know that Anderson isn't the same one-trick-pony so many defensive ends have become. While getting after the quarterback is important, Anderson doesn't seem to take off a single snap.

With guys like Myles Garrett, you can fairly question the impact he has on the running game. It doesn't seem to be a game-changing. Yet, Anderson, his impact on the running game is as impactful as his impact on the pass rush.

It's why he won the Defensive Rookie of the Year Award. He is steady in all facets of the game, and it's why we can safely say the Texans are building around him. He is the centerpiece of the defense going forward. He isn't the best pass-rusher, nor is he the best run-stopper, but he is the best all-around player the Texans have.

He's got big expectations on his shoulders and continued improvement will only help others see how high his ceiling is. His 81.8 overall grade with PFF is just a taste of what many of us expect to see from the young star as time goes on.