Ranking the Houston Texans RBs in the AFC South in 2023

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We recently ranked the AFC South's quarterback rooms and now we turn to the respective team's running backs. This one was a little harder to rank than the quarterbacks. The AFC South may not have a strong group of quarterbacks but there are some very good running backs within the division.

The question is should the Tennessee Titans be ranked number one here, given they have arguably the best running back in the NFL, Derrick Henry? Or given his age, is he about to hit that wall? Who is behind Henry in the Titans' depth chart?

The other three teams have excellent running backs as well with the Jacksonville Jaguars' Travis Etienne, the Houston Texans' Dameon Pierce, and the Indianapolis Colts' Jonathan Taylor. In fact, some might say the AFC South is home to a few of the top running backs in the entire conference.

I think if we look at the AFC South running backs when compared to the entire conference, it is the best in the AFC in terms of their starting running backs. The backs in the AFC South combined for 4,463 yards and that includes the shortened season from Taylor.

Contrary to how the league is trending, the AFC South teams largely operated with one singular, every down back a season ago; however, the Texans will be changing that this coming season with the addition of former Buffalo Bills running back Devin Singletary. We'll see how the other teams choose to rotate their backfields for 2023 but I think it's safe to say, Henry will continue to be the focal point fo the Titans' offense.