NFL Mock Draft 2024: 2 Day 2 Texans Predictions

After sitting the first round out, Houston will be plenty invovled on Friday night.
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The Texans had a nice, quiet evening on Thursday, which is how it goes when you don't have a first round pick. And while you never love sitting out of the first round, it's hard to blame Houston for doing so considering that they used the pick to get last year's Defensive Rookie of the Year, Will Anderson.

Houston will be plenty involved on Friday night, however. They're scheduled to pick three times: twice in the 2nd round (42nd overall and 59th overall) and once in the third (86th overall). The Texans have become a much improved team this offseason – which is scary considering they won 10 games last season – but there's always ways to get better in the Draft, and there are still some obvious places on the roster where upgrades can be had. Here are two predictions on how that might happen on Friday.

Two Day 2 Texans Predictions for 2024 NFL Draft

1. Jer'Zhan Newton is the newest Houston Texan

Somehow, Newton is still on the board. The 2023 Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year is a bit small for his position, but he was one of the most productive defensive lineman in college football last year and has all the athleticism in the world to make up for it. He was Pro Football Focus' 11th-ranked player, which is maybe a bit of an indictment on PFF's Big Board, but the Texans will absolutely take the 11th best player in the Draft at 42.

Will Anderson and Danielle Hunter have Houston's edge covered, but the Texans are still a bit thin at talent on the interior of their defensive line. Newton probably wouldn't have much of a hard time taking reps away from Folorunso Fatukasi, who finished last year ranked as PFF's 60th best iDL. DeMeco Ryans will know exactly how to coach and scheme Newton, and he'd give the Texans one of the more dynamic defensive lines in football. It's a match made in heaven.

2. The Texans take multiple shots at offensive linemen

Houston's offense is pretty deep, except at offensive line. But it'll probably be fine! Shaq Mason and Laremy Tunsil were the best linemen on the team last year, and neither of them finished ranked better than 20th at their position. The elite guys are gone, but there are still a handful of prospects that would come into Houston and immediately compete for a starting job. Now that CJ Stroud has all the skill players he needs, the next step is making sure he has time to get them, you know, the ball. Maybe there aren't any true difference makers left, but the Texans are going to plenty of due dilligence to find out on Friday night.