NFL analyst outlines potential drama for Stefon Diggs with Texans

It's not that we didn't see this storyline coming.
Houston Texans v Buffalo Bills
Houston Texans v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

Houston Texans fans are still riding high after the team swung for the fences and traded for Stefon Diggs. To get Diggs, all the Texans had to give up was a second-round pick in the 2025 NFL Draft, making it an even better deal for Houston.

All of that being said, there's a downside to every move made in sports and it's easy to find the downside for this one. Sean Salisbury, former NFL quarterback and current host of The Sean Salisbury Show, appeared on The Dan Patrick Show and said that the biggest issue with the Diggs deal is the drama that comes with the receiver.

Will Stefon Diggs bring his drama to Houston?

It's no secret that Diggs is a bit of a drama king and this is a big reason why the Bills were so eager to get rid of him. He would mouth off on social media and throw a fit whenever he didn't get enough targets.

Salisbury's worry is that if Nico Collins (or whoever) goes on to have a massive game but Diggs is nearly invisible in that same game, can he let it go or will he go on a tirade against C.J. Stroud and the rest of the offense? Houston is hoping to be a Super Bowl contender this year and Diggs hopefully can get them to that point.

The worry of him causing drama, however, could be absolutely detrimental to this young team. Let's just hope that he learned his lesson and can be a good teammate and drama-free with his new team.