3 keys to a Houston Texans win in Week 1

Houston Texans
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String some successful plays together early in the game

The one thing that the Texans need right now is confidence. Confidence that their young offensive players can be successful in this league. They need to come out and put a drive together, stack some early first downs, and build that confidence.

If I'm Coach Ryans, I want my offense to take the field to start the game. I know a lot of coaches these days defer but in this case, I want to get C.J. Stroud on the field right away. He's going to have some butterflies at the start of the game and the fastest way to get rid of those and have him settle in, is getting him in the game as quickly as possible.

I would help him with some quick screen passes and easy routes that get the ball out of his hand quickly and to his skill players. It'll be important to get Stroud into a rhythm early in the game and quick slants and crossers are a great way to do that.