Jamal Adams and Justin Simmons should be on the short-list for the Houston Texans

The Houston Texans need safeties, and Jamal Adams and Justin Simmons could fill the hole.
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Arguably the one spot the Houston Texans need the most help with coming into 2024 is the safety position. Every other position group was either great, good, or subpar. Only the safety unit could be described as "bad". The players the Texans had last season just weren't enough for the team to win with, as seen in the blowout loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

The team needs to upgrade that position with at least one veteran player. Arguably, the toast of the free agent class just became Jamal Adams, a three-time Pro Bowler and one-time All-Pro player. He's getting close to 30 and the once-vaunted and elite safety may no longer be at the level he once was to start his career. A career that saw him achieve three consecutive Pro Bowl spots in three consecutive seasons.

Adams isn't that guy anymore, at least we don't think. He's still a good enough player, that for the right price, would be a wonderful addition to the Texans' secondary. With his size, strength, and speed, you pair him with a couple of good corners and a fellow safety who knows what he's doing and he may just get another Pro Bowl spot with the Texans.

If not Adams, or in addition to Adams if you wanna get wild, is Justin Simmons. Simmons, a long-time Denver Bronco safety, just found himself on the unemployment line this week as well, as the Broncos opted to end their contract with the multi-time Pro Bowler. The four-time Second Team All-Pro would be a great deep safety for the Texans. While he is 30, he's at a position that traditionally ages pretty gracefully, and it's just as likely that his age 31 season is going to be just as successful as his age 30 season.

Even just one of these two would be a huge get for the Texans, assuming money isn't outlandish. If the Texans can land both, forget about it. And while maybe not the most popular option at the moment, should either of them fall apart, former Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer is an option as well.

He's a little more banged up and it remains to be seen if and what he has left in the tank, but he'll likely be much cheaper than Simmons or Adams, and that, plus the potential of what a healthy-looking season could look like, should allow him to remain in the conversation for a role with the team.