It makes no sense to trade John Metchie III with the current contract situations

People are expecting The Houston Texans to make John Metchie III available but not so fast
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp / Tim Warner/GettyImages

The Houston Texans have a loaded wide receiver room. They just gave Nico Collins a massive extension, paying him "receiver one" money. They also traded for Stefon Diggs, another "receiver one" type of guy. Not to mention, they also have a developing top star in Tank Dell. That's not all, as they also have Noah Brown, Robert Woods, Ben Skowronek, Xavier Hutchinson, and Joh Metchie III.

The back end of the receiver room isn't all-star talent, but there's talent and potential there. A lot of talent. A lot of talented players and not a lot of roster spots. Eventually, some of those names aren't going to be here. The most likely name that seems to be on his last legs with the squad is Woods, as he's older and underperformed in a pretty major season for the team.

He's not the only player that's on the block, at least in the eyes of some. One of the names that has most of the league and the fanbases around the league salivating is Metchie, the 2022 second-round pick out of Alabama. He's got a lot of potential, but he missed his rookie season due to illness. Then, he found himself behind a shockingly deep crop of receivers in 2023, so he didn't even play much when healthy.

He's still got an upside. He's hardly been tested in a real game so it's unfair to declare one way or another if he's good enough to start for this squad. What we do know is that he's going to have an opportunity to play for the team. It may not be in 2024, but it could be in 2025.

With the squad committing to Collins long-term, it's clear that they're not as invested in Diggs long-term as one would've believed right after the trade happened. So it's possible that come next season, the Texans let Diggs walk and put Metchie into the lineup next to Dell and Collins. It's not a guarantee that Metchie will produce and earn his spot this season, or next, but it probably is the plan.

If that plan comes to fruition with the now third-year receiver actually producing this season, Diggs will be a free agent. Then the team will move forward with the young, all-drafted core of receivers. Since this is the most likely scenario to see play out, it makes no sense to see the team trade Metchie when Diggs is already over 30 and not a long-term option.

So sorry to those hoping Metchie gets traded, but unless he bottoms out as a player, we don't see him moving on.