Is the Stefon Diggs trade the most lopsided in NFL history?

The Stefon Diggs trade may be the most lop-sided in history but for who?
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The Houston Texans made a bold move to go after disgruntled (now) ex-Buffalo Bills wide receiver, Stefon Diggs. The arrival of Diggs would give the Texans one of the best-receiving corps in the NFL and a sure-fire target for C.J. Stroud. There's no doubt that Diggs is one of the better receivers in the NFL, but the question that does exist is if he'll be a good fit for Houston.

Two other teams have already had enough of Diggs' behavior, and Houston may be no different in this regard. His attitude is an issue, it's why the Bills traded him, as well as a 2024 sixth-round and a 2025 fifth-round pick to the Texans. That's not all, as they've agreed to eat $31 million of dead-cap money as well.

In turn, the Texans gave the Bills a 2025 second-round pick and voided the last three years on Diggs' contract to make the trade work. Clearly, this is a win for the Texans, right? They got back a solid pick in the fifth-rounder next year, as well as obtained a Top-15 wide receiver, and it only cost them a second-rounder next season.

A second-rounder they just got by trading their first-rounder to the Minnesota Vikings. Second-round picks aren't useless, they're quite good to have, but they're not as in-demand as first-round picks for obvious reasons. So getting a top-end talent for a second-rounder sounds like a steal.

But who got robbed?

On one hand, the Bills have to eat a lot of money, had to give up draft assets, and gave up a top-flight receiver for a second-rounder that at best, may turn into a regular starter for them. On the other hand, they got rid of a player who was constantly causing headaches for his quarterback, as well as making it hard to win with him with his behavior that some have described as erratic.

Usually, when guys burn bridges through the NFL, each stop just keeps getting worse than the last. It's very likely that Diggs' time in Houston would be marred with his nonsense. Even if they get a productive season out of him, the odds are they won't be able to afford him in 2025, and frankly, they may use that as an excuse for why they don't bring him back.

If Diggs only lasts a season and the Bills hit with that second-round pick, we'll be rethinking about who really got robbed in this trade. Honestly, anyway, this shakes out, it may prove to be the best and or worst trade of all time for one of these teams.

Time will tell who gets what distinction.