How much should C.J. Stroud be on the field during the entire preseason?

With training camp starting and then preseason right around the corner how much should C.J. Stroud be out on the field?
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Training camp starts soon for the Houston Texans. C.J. Stroud might be the best and most important player on the Texans. Because of this, they shouldn't completely overwork him, as we saw last season when Joe Burrow got injured during training camp in 2023. The quarterback is the most important position on the field, and the Texans wouldn't be able to handle an injury to Stroud.

During training camp, I do believe Stroud should be out there every second he can. Continuing to create connections with his receivers is going to be something he needs to focus on and of course, having a connection with the offensive line is important too.

The more Stroud is out there the more chances he has to lead his team and fix any mistakes that may be happening. With him out there and playing the best he can to get better, his teammates will likely be motivated to do the same. It could also help inspire his rookie teammates and help them get ready for the NFL grind.

I believe if he isn't out on the field during training camp it wouldn't be a good look for his self. I think Houston should try to push Stroud to get the reps he can. Even though he had a pretty good season in 2023 there's always room for improvement.

As for preseason, I think it's a little different. He should get out on the field that's for sure, but I think he's better off only playing one or two quarters each game. This gives Stroud a chance to rest before the actual season starts and I still get some practice in against some different defenses. When he's not on the field I would be smart for him to maybe help coach some of the backups.

It's becoming really popular to not play starters during preseason, and I don't see why the Texans shouldn't do the same with Stroud. This will eliminate a big risk of injury for him, but like I said before I do still think he should play a quarter or two. This will give a chance for David Mills or Case Keenum to get prepared if he is ever needed during the season.