Houston Texans: 5 reasons the Texans can win the AFC South

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The Houston Texans' run game will be top-ten.

Toro Times talked about this in previous articles, but I expect the Houston Texans' run game to be very good. The addition of Devin Singletary has gone under the radar, but he brings his career 4.7 yards per carry average to the Texans.

Dameon Pierce averaged 4.3 yards in his rookie year, which isn't bad, but Singletary's lowest mark of any season was 4.4. I'm not saying Singletary should start over Pierce, but what I am saying is neither should be considered the "starter", both will start, and they will likely get a similar number of carries.

Both backs are solid receivers out of the backfield as well, Pierce recorded 30 receptions last season and Singletary had 38, adding to his career total of 145 receptions. Pierce brings a bit more size and power, whereas Singletary brings some wiggle.

The Texans' offensive line should be much better in 2023 as well, with the addition of Shaq Mason and second-round draft pick Juice Scruggs, we should see vast improvements in this area. The upgraded line will only help the Texans' rushing attack, but the new additions will need time to gel.