Houston Texans: What can we expect from on Day Two?

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The Texans will trade up into round two

This was one of my pre-draft bold moves, but It seems less and less bold by the hour. The Houston Texans, armed with multiple third, fourth, and sixth-round picks have the ammunition to jump up into the middle to early second round to get another guy they covet. That guy could be one of the first-round graded players that fell or one of the players we have previously talked about being available in the second round for the Texans.

If I were Houston, I would do whatever I could to get a center and a weapon for my new franchise quarterback. That would mean moving up and Nick Caserio has a history of trading up into the second and third rounds in his last two drafts. I believe he has a few players in mind he wants to go after for his new head coach.

The Texans have nine more selections in this year's draft and it does not seem like they will end this draft having selected nine more players. They want to keep adding blue-chip players. I think they will and should trade back into the top 50 to go after a guy they love, such as Brian Branch or one of the offensive weapons.