Houston Texans: top three most challenging road games on 2023 schedule

Super Bowl contenders and tough divisional matchups highlight the obstacles standing in Houston's way.
Houston Texans
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Week 14 @ New York Jets

The Texans matchup with the Bengals is not the only contest against a projected AFC contender. The New York Jets led by future Hall of Famer and four time MVP Aaron Rodgers are a force to be reckoned with on paper. 

Already fielding one of the league’s elite defenses, Rodgers brings the Jets offense proven talent at the quarterback position, making this group one of the league’s finest on both sides of the ball. Because of this, the Texans will certainly have their hands full in their Week 14 matchup. 

Being so late in the season, injuries can take their toll for both sides and make this contest look vastly different. For the sake of this argument however, it is assumed that both teams would be at full strength heading into their matchup. 

With that being the case, the Texans would face a tall task in the Meadowlands, facing off against a rejuvenated Jets club eager for their first significant run since 2010 and a Super Bowl drought that dates back to the days of Joe Namath. 

Resiliency, comradere, and a complete team effort are necessary if the Texans are to thwart this rendition of the New York Jets. By this point in the season, we will know everything about what this 2023 Texans team is and will hope that they can find a way to emerge victorious in this contest. 

Until that verdict is reached, this matchup projects to be one of their toughest in 2023.

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