Houston Texans: top three most challenging road games on 2023 schedule

Super Bowl contenders and tough divisional matchups highlight the obstacles standing in Houston's way.
Houston Texans
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Week 3 @ Jacksonville Jaguars

An early challenger to the Texans might, the Jacksonville Jaguars represent a tough road contest for the team earlier in the season. Trevor Lawrence and company are in full swing and will be a tough team to take down as they look to win a second straight AFC South title. 

If the AFC South is as wide open as national media seems to suggest, the Texans need to prove it here. For the fans clamoring for a similar turnaround to Jacksonville’s a year prior, they need to prove it here. Sure it’s early in the regular season, but the Texans need to set a tone, and defeating Jacksonville is the optimal way to do so.

The toughest test will be for the Texans' secondary. With the Jaguars adding premier wide receiver Calvin Ridley to their mix of stellar pass catchers, the Texans will certainly be tested early and often in the passing game. Their handling of a barrage of passing attempts will be the telling tale in deciding a victor. 

The Texans beat Jacksonville on the road 13-6 last October, can they do it again here? If they can it would be a massive statement early in their quest toward improvement.