Houston Texans: three keys to a week 3 victory

Houston Texans
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Generating consistent pressure

The pass rush of the Houston Texans has taken on different forms through the first two weeks of action. In the season opener against Baltimore, the edge rush was swarming, amassing four sacks while consistently forcing star quarterback Lamar Jackson to evade the pocket. The same cannot be said against Indianapolis. 

The Texans were unable to get much momentum going in that contest, failing to record a single sack and appearing to have no answers to the Colts' dynamic offensive attack. Opposing signal callers Gardner Minshew and rookie Anthony Richardson had their way with the Texans' defense, and that was due in large part to the Texans' inability to collapse the pocket. 

A victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars is heavily dependent on which version of the Texans' edge rush that we see on Sunday. If they are able to trend more toward the direction of Week 1, then Houston has a very good chance at amassing a victory.

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