Houston Texans: stealing one player from every AFC South rival

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Jacksonville Jaguars: wide reciever Calvin Ridley

Coming to a final consensus on this decision was a tough verdict. With the addition of Simmons from the Titans, defensive end would no longer be a necessity, eliminating the aforementioned Josh Allen from contention. 

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence would be a solid choice if the Texans didn’t already invest capital into C.J. Stroud, who is looking better and better by the day. Cornerback Tyson Campbell broke out in 2022, but with a solid secondary structure in place, the position is not the biggest need left to fill.

One thing that the Texans do need though is a number one option at wide receiver. The Jaguars currently employ three solid ones, including breakout star Chrisitan Kirk, Zay Jones, and newly acquired Calvin Ridley. From those three options, I went with the one that has the most star power in Ridley. 

While there certainly are concerns about Ridley’s effectiveness following a lengthy lay-off, Ridley has proven in the past that he can contend with the best of the best at the position. His most breakout season in 2020 saw him record nearly 1,400 receiving yards on 90 receptions, emerging as a true number-one option in a high-octane Falcons passing attack. 

With no proven first-option on the Texans roster, Ridley would fix that predicament and give the team a solid core of youngsters and veterans to help out rookie signal caller C.J. Stroud.

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