The Houston Texans' smartest offseason signing will shape Stroud’s career forever

Houston Texans
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Houston Texans
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His background in a Shanahan offense can aid Stroud's development. 

Of his ten NFL seasons, Case Keenum has spent seven of them in a Shanahan-style offense. Some have wondered if C.J. Stroud would have a steep learning curve as a rookie due to the complexity of the offensive scheme, but that's precisely where Keenum comes in. 

Keenum has played for Kyle Shanahan during his time with the Texans and then for his coaching disciples during his tenures with the Rams and Browns. Viewers may see an offense that has many similar plays in succession that are dressed up differently. The offense is known to have a steep learning curve in year one; however, once a quarterback has it, it is a lot easier to grow deeper into it as the experience piles up. 

The veteran backup can set Stroud up for success because he will instill his teaching habits in the young rookie and walk him through the various intricacies of the offense. It will take time for Stroud to adjust to life in the NFL on all fronts, but Keenum is the right guy to do it. On top of that, who better to instill the richness of what it means to be a Houstonian than Keenum? It takes a Houstonian to welcome in a newcomer hoping to become one.

When the Houston Texans signed Case Keenum back in March, they did so with the intent of him being able to come in and mentor their franchise quarterback. Yes, the Texans have shored up their offensive line and given Stroud some weapons. But of the free agents Houston signed, Keenum could end up being the key signing to Stroud's success and growth as a pro, and he won't need to step onto the field to do so. I'm excited and believe this is a perfect fit for the Texans franchise. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter @Texans_TT or @manfreonair

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