Houston Texans shake it up with an all-defense NFL Mock Draft

There's a lot to like about where the Texans sit on draft night.
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The 2024 NFL Draft isn't weeks away anymore, now we're talking about a day away. Unless the Houston Texans trade back into the first round, we unfortunately won't hear them make a selection until Friday. There's a lot to like about where the Texans sit on draft night(s), however. They have two high picks in the second round ( 42 and 59), plus another in round three. They don't have the needs across their roster as they did last year, and it allowed them to trade away some draft picks this off-season.

After this week, we can stop all the speculation, as fun as it may be, and finally discuss players that are on the roster. Training camp and preseason will come before you know it, and the new players will be able to suit up in front of the fanbase for the first time.

The Texans could end up going heavy on the defensive side of the ball this week, and this is the perfect draft to do it. With the amount of offensive talent expected to go in Round 1, there will be a lot of talent on defense to choose from early on.

As I've said, they've done a lot of work to put weapons around CJ Stroud this year, enough where they can start constructing their defense. But if you view some recent mock drafts that have come out this week, they have the Texans going with multiple offensive players to start out. After adding Stefon Diggs, and Joe Mixon, and retaining Dalton Schultz and Noah Brown, they probably don't need much more work on that side of the ball.

So with that being said, let's get into our all defensive mock draft.