Ranking the Top 5 Texans quarterbacks of all time

In their short history, which Texans quarterbacks make the all-time top five?

Houston Texans, Matt Schaub
Houston Texans, Matt Schaub / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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The Houston Texans remain the youngest franchise in the NFL, having been established just 21 years ago.

In their short history, though, they have seen some decent quarterbacks come through. To this day, Texans fans can at least say they have had multiple instances of 4,000-yard passers, which some franchises still cannot echo.

Of all the quarterbacks to come through Houston, though, who makes our all-time top five list? A few of them should be no surprise, but why don't we start out with a little controversy, shall we?

5. C.J. Stroud

Go ahead and laugh it up. Tell me he hasn't played a down of NFL football.

You're right. You are absolutely right.

But, let me go ahead and give you some names that rank 5th through 8th on the Texans' all-time passing list, and may I remind you that none of them have more than 3,400 career passing yards, which C.J. Stroud very well could surpass as a rookie: Sage Rosenfels, Brock Osweiler, Brian Hoyer and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Stroud is arguably the second-most talented quarterback to ever play for the franchise and he hasn't even stepped foot on an NFL field just yet. Let's think about that.

All he would have to do as a rookie is to pass for 3,400 yards and he would rank fifth all-time in Texans history. That's quite hilarious, if you think about it. And, it's also quite possible.

So, call this a vote of good faith, or what have you. But, Stroud will be way up on this list in no time, so let's go ahead and just give him a spot.