4 moves Texans should make after bringing back Bobby Slowik for one more season

The Texans OC chose to run it back, and Houston should answer with strong offseason moves.
Houston Texans, Bobby Slowik
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2. Re-sign Devin Singletary

In what most would consider a huge surprise, Devin Singletary emerged as the Texans' top running back last season. Most assumed that second-year pro Dameon Pierce would continue leading the way, but as the season wore on, we saw Singletary become more and more established ahead of him.

On one hand, it's tough to see Pierce lose his job and even tougher when it sort of happened in light of his injury in 2023. But, on the other hand, Singletary was a breath of fresh air for this offense and his veteran presence really shone through.

Singletary ended with a career-high 898 rushing yards, and likely would have had well over 1,000 if he had began the season as the team's lead back. He ran hard, especially considering the shuffling up front with the offensive line. Singletary never wavered and continued to provide a tough-nosed presence to the run game, while also busting loose for some big gains at times.

In today's NFL, you rarely pay a running back after his rookie deal, but the Texans did so last year with Singletary. Now, they should pay him yet again. By the time Week 1 of next season rolls around, Singletary will be 27 years old, so something along the lines of a 2-year deal would make the most sense.

Houston can't wrap themselves up in a longer deal with a 27-year-old running back, but Singletary also has to know that his shelf life isn't that long at his position. Both sides should be able to come to an agreement on a fair deal, and again, continuity will reign, here.