Houston Texans: 5 offensive players that need to seize their moment at minicamp

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Xavier Hutchinson - Wide Receiver

Hutchinson was the 205th overall selection in the NFL Draft, so he doesn't come in with any pressure to perform right away, but he was one of the receivers I had my eye on throughout the draft season.  I think this kid can be a solid receiver for the Texans.

With Hutchinson being a late-round pick, there isn’t the pressure to perform early, like Tank Dell; however, with so many receivers on the roster right now, there is a ton of competition, and he will need to stand out among them to make the team since his draft position doesn’t guarantee him a spot on the roster. But he has a fan in Chris Trapasso from CBS Sports.

""Was the obvious No. 1 at Iowa State this season and thrived despite the attention. Well-rounded more so than someone with a specialty. Rebounder type in the red zone and for being a bigger wideout, he’s fun after the catch.""

Chris Trapasso

I wrote a depth chart piece on the receivers a while back and said then that Hutchinson is on the bubble but even if he doesn’t make the 53-man roster, he’s likely a candidate for the practice squad.  The concern with that though, is if he stands out throughout this offseason, he could be in jeopardy of being plucked off the practice squad by another team if that's the direction the Texans go with him.

He will need to show the Texans’ coaching staff he deserves to be on the roster come cut-down day and he has the talent to do just that.  He earned PFF’s second-highest grade among receivers in the NFL Draft, based on his college performance.