3 moves Texans can still make after trading for Stefon Diggs

After the shockwaves were sent, what's next?
Houston Texans, Robert Woods
Houston Texans, Robert Woods / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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The Texans should try and trade either Robert Woods or John Metchie III

The Texans' depth chart looks quite crowded after just a single move, but this was a necessary move. The offense didn't have a bonafide WR1, although you could argue Nico Collins was definitely getting close.

Now, with Diggs, Collins and Tank Dell as the top three on the depth chart, there are a lot of question marks. There isn't room for everybody currently on the roster, including some notable names like Robert Woods, John Metchie III and even Xavier Hutchinson.

But, with the theme in this room being youth, outside of Diggs of course, it would make a lot of sense for the Texans to either trade or release Woods. There may not be any trade market for Woods, especially considering the Texans could save $5 million by releasing him.

Metchie is an interesting name, though, as a former second-round pick. He hasn't had a ton of playing time early on in his career and, of course, made an extraordinary comeback from his battle with leukemia. As a phenomenal route runner and someone that's still 23 years old, maybe trying to move Metchie for a Day 3 pick would work.