Houston Texans News: C.J. Stroud rookie first, OT injury and Texans tackle hunger

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Houston Texans lose another offensive tackle

The Houston Texans acquired Josh Jones via trade and now he's out with a hand injury. The Texans are already down their other two offensive tackles, Tytus Howard and Laremy Tunsil. As of this writing, Tunsil was still a non-participant in practice and Tunsil Howard isn't eligible to come off IR until after this week.

If Tunsil and Jones can go this weekend, it will be a huge uplift for a team that will be facing T.J. Watt on the opposite side of the ball. Even still, the Texans did a great job of managing the injuries last week and dominated the Jacksonville Jaguars. Watt is a little different, but the Texans will be able to compete and in comparison, have the better offense.