Houston Texans News: C.J. Stroud rookie first, OT injury and Texans tackle hunger

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The Houston Texans picked up their first win of the 2023 NFL season and did so in impressive fashion, defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars 37 - 17. This week they take on the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend and it won't be an easy task to win and get to 2 - 2 on the year. That said, they could certainly get it done. We'll leave the game preview and predictions for a different article but for now, let's get into the Houston Texans news.

C.J. Stroud has accomplished something no rookie has done in NFL history

Just three games into his NFL career and already C.J. Stroud is turning heads and doing things that no other quarterback in NFL history has accomplished. For example, Stroud has thrown for over 900 yards, four touchdowns and no interception, becoming the first rookie in NFL history to accomplish these numbers in their first three games.

We have a way to go but at this rate, Stroud will win NFL Rookie of the Year in a landslide. He's on pace for over 5,100 yards and 23 touchdowns. I don't see him finishing with that many passing yards, but I could see him having more touchdown passes. Either way, rookie of the year honors are well within his grasp.