Houston Texans named potential landing spot of Pro Bowl linebacker

The Houston Texans are being named as a potential landing spot for Khalil Mack.
Houston Texans v Chicago Bears
Houston Texans v Chicago Bears / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Hindsight is always 20-20. We know what we should have done looking back at things logically, but in the moment it's never as clear. in 2014, the Houston Texans thought the right move was to draft Jadeveon Clowney first overall, a move we now know to be the wrong call. Especially since Khalil Mack, a significantly better player, was available for the team to take.

Clowney went first, while Mack went fifth to the then-Oakland Raiders. Mack has out-produced Clowney in nearly every way imaginable, and in doing so, has made the Texnas have a tinge of buyer's remorse, but it's not like Clowney was bad. He just wasn't as good as Mack.

Now, it seems like the Texans could undo the move that they made 10 years ago. The club appears to be in the running to land the linebacker, as it seems as though the Los Angeles Chargers may be willing to trade the All-Pro. Should the Texans be in the market for another elite-level pass-rusher, Mack could make sense. Especially if you ask ESPN.

ESPN (via Sports Illustrated) has named the Texans a potential landing spot for Mack, with ESPN going on to write;

"Mack, who just turned 33, had 17 sacks last season for the Chargers and he would come with a huge contract. He has a $38.5 million cap number, and the Chargers are nearly $46 million over the cap for 2024. Trading Mack before June 1 would save them over $23 million in cap space.

The Texans, on the other hand, have $57 million in cap space. They also have the space to bring Mack in with starting edge rusher Jonathan Greenard hitting free agency. Imagine Mack playing opposite Will Anderson Jr., with opponents able to double-team only one of them. It probably wouldn't cost the Texans a very high draft pick while bringing a big addition to their defense."

The All-Pro and potential Hall of Famer is 33 but is capable of still making an impact on offenses with his skills. The issue, as highlighted in the ESPN article is his financial hit. Mack, despite his age, is still an elite-level player, posting a 91.8 overall on PFF this past season, with a better run-defense grade (90.8) than pass rushing (86.3) Both are elite grades, but it highlights his ability to be able to stuff the running game just as much as the passing game.

If the Texans can get his cap-figure under control prior to a trade, he'd be a great get.