Houston Texans make another move to add to their offensive line

Houston Texans
Houston Texans / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Houston Texans acquired offensive tackle Josh Jones before cutting their roster down to 53 and have struck another deal, this time with the Pittsburgh Steelers to acquire offensive guard/center, Kendrick Green. The move came on the heels of placing Kenyon Green on the reserve/injured list and releasing 2023 free-agent signee Michael Deiter.

Green was originally a 2021 draft pick of the Steelers in the third round, 88th overall. He played on 975 snaps as a rookie but struggled, committing nine penalties and giving up three sacks and 18 total pressures allowed.

PFF was not kind to him as a result, grading his pass blocking a 50.7 and run blocking a 54.7, with an overall grade of 52.4. He played all 975 snaps at center. Green did not play a single snap in 2022; however, he was able to get on the field this preseason.

He played 131 snaps and committed two penalties but did not give up any sacks. PFF thought his pass protection was far better with a grade of 72.4 but his run blocking was still poor, with a grade of 50.9. I don't see Green getting any starting time but is more of a depth piece.

Green is the eighth offensive lineman on the Houston Texans' 53-man roster since Kenyon Green was added to the reserve/injured list and Deiter was released. When Kenyon returns to the lineup, I would think they will keep him as the ninth and release someone from another position to make room. It seems unlikely the Texans would give up a sixth-round pick just to cut him a month later.

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