Houston Texans final 53-man roster projections

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The Houston Texans are nearly the NFL cut-down, which is Tuesday, August 29th. Beginning way back in the Spring with OTAs, rookie mini-camp, training camp, and now preseason, has all led up to cut-down day. With a team like the Texans, it may not be that difficult to predict the final 53-man roster, but there will still be some surprises.

I've written in the past about some players I think are locks to make the roster and some that will be cut. I'll probably be more wrong than right but that's part of the fun in covering the team. It could be especially interesting, considering this is the first offseason for a new coaching staff. So, while the former staff believed in building a roster one way, we can't use that past to help determine possible outcomes with the new staff.

Some positions are pretty much set as far as the guys at the top of the depth chart. It's not hard to predict who the top quarterback will be or the top two running backs but after that is where roster predictions can get tricky. Do the Texans keep Case Keenum on the roster as the primary backup or do they roll with former starter Davis Mills?

What about the wide receiver room with lots of unproven talent? Do both rookie receivers, Tank Dell and Xavier Hutchinson make the 53? I'm pretty sure Dell is safe to make it but not so sure about Hutchinson.

On the defensive side of the ball, there is also talent but not a lot of depth, so again, while the top guys are easy to predict, the same cannot be said for the backup guys or players like Jerry Hughes, the second oldest member of this team. I've called him out as a roster cut; however, I may need to rethink that stance given the lack of depth at the position.