Houston Texans have a chance to improve the pass rush

Two pass rushing superstar players could potentially be on the trading block, waiting for the Texans to swoop in and take them.
Los Angeles Chargers vs Jacksonville Jaguars
Los Angeles Chargers vs Jacksonville Jaguars / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The offseason is a great way for teams to make changes to a roster. The most common transactions during this time of the year are free agent signings and drafting players. However, trades are a significant way to bolster rosters as well.

Los Angeles Chargers superstar pass rusher Khalil Mack is one major name to monitor in trade talks this offseason, according to Chad Forbes on X.

Adding a sack master like Mack to help the Houston Texans close out games could be a key addition to the defensive front, opposite possible Offensive Rookie of the Year Will Anderson Jr. He could even help the second-year develop and improve upon his great first season.

Mack, coming off a career-best 17 sacks, is still incredibly effective in what he does and could add a veteran presence to a pass-rushing unit that hovered around league-average in sacks.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the discussion, the Texans have four out of its six top sack leaders on deals that are over, according to spotrac, meaning they can go wherever they want. This includes the 2023 team leader in the category, Jonathan Greenard.

An addition of Mack's caliber could be a great start in replacing any potential losses the Texans could have with free agency looming.

However, the Chargers could be in the market to move on from another superstar pass rusher. According to Forbes, the belief around the league is that Los Angeles will listen to trade inquiries surrounding Joey Bosa.

Bosa, coming off a pair of disappointing, injury-riddled seasons, has been a tremendous pass rusher whenever he has been healthy. The operative phrase being "whenever he has been healthy," as Bosa missed 25 out of a possible 67 games over the last four seasons and has not played a full season since 2019.

However, Bosa could be viewed as a risk for potential trade partners, given his recent history. For a good price, the Texans could go after him, and it could end up being a bargain if he stays healthy.

That said, another interesting name mentioned by Forbes is Morgan Fox. While he is not an edge rusher like Mack and Bosa, Fox has been quietly solid over his career.

The interior defensive lineman has had 5.5 sacks in three of the last four seasons. Although this is not an eye-popping number, it shows a certain level of consistency that Fox could bring to the table if the Texans seek to add him via trade.

With most of the leading pass rushers from Houston's 2023 roster expected to reach free agency, adding any of Mack, Bosa or Fox could be a great addition to the team as it looks to improve upon its impressive campaign.

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