3 ways Houston Texans C.J. Stroud can shine against the Pittsburgh Steelers

Houston Texans
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Find Tank Dell early and often

Over the last two games, Tank Dell has produced 217 yards on 12 receptions. When Stroud has targeted Dell in the passing game (21 targets), he has a quarterback rating of 143.2. Not sure where that ranks among other receivers in the league but I can't imagine there are many with a better rating. This is a big reason Stroud should be looking at Dell's way all day long.

The other reason is simple. Dell's quickness out of the slot makes him a huge target in a timing-based, quick-passing attack. Dell's quickness and route running are the prime reasons Stroud's passer rating is so high when he targets Dell, he gets open consistently and does it in short order, providing Stroud with a go-to option when the pass rush heats up.